Preparing for Retirement: 7 Tips for Every Stage of Life

Columbus Street Financial Planning offers expert advice on how to plan for retirement, whether you’re just starting out or approaching your golden years.

Flat Fee Financial Planning in Action: Getting the Right Advice at a Fair Price

In our work with clients, we spend a lot of time explaining why we think flat-fee financial planning is the best way to deliver financial advice. Our flat fee scale Read More

What the Secure Act 2.0 Could Mean for Your Retirement Planning

A new law currently making its way through Congress is expected to bring significant changes to retirement planning for many Americans. The changes aim to increase how many Americans save Read More

Love, Marriage, and Money: Five Steps to Better Relationships

Creating better relationships is all about communication. Talking about the difficult things where we are the most vulnerable can bring the greatest rewards. Your spouse is probably your best ally Read More

Elections Matter, But Not So Much to Your Investments

Election years can be fraught with uncertainty as developments surrounding the candidates, their platforms, and their predicted effects on the economy and markets dominate the news. But should you let Read More

Student of the Market

1. Stocks have continued higher regardless of presidential party: As elections come up, we tend to get concerned about which party might be better for the market. Historically, the market Read More

Top 5 Provisions of the CARES Act

ECONOMIC IMPACT PAYMENTS Did you file 2018- or 2019-income tax returns? If so, you do not need to do anything else to receive your payment. $1,200 for an individual. Single Read More

Large and In Charge? Giant Firms atop Market Is Nothing New

A top-heavy stock market with the largest 10 stocks accounting for over 20% of market capitalization and a marquee technology firm perched at No. 1? This sounds like a description Read More

Under the Macroscope: When Stocks and the Economy Diverge

Do you find it puzzling when a bleak economic report emerges from the press, only to be accompanied by a positive surge in the stock market? You’re not alone. The Read More

How To Build Wealth in Bear Markets

Abrupt and cascading market sell-offs are uncomfortable even for the most seasoned long-term investors. The continuing tragic loss of life and expected economic fallout from COVID-19 has reminded us all Read More

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