Top 5 Provisions of the CARES Act

ECONOMIC IMPACT PAYMENTS Did you file 2018- or 2019-income tax returns? If so, you do not need to do anything else to receive your payment. $1,200 for an individual. Single taxpayers phase out between $75,000 and $99,000. $2,400 for a married couple. Married taxpayers filing jointly phase out between $150,000 and $198,000. Have kiddos?  Then Read More

Large and In Charge? Giant Firms atop Market Is Nothing New

A top-heavy stock market with the largest 10 stocks accounting for over 20% of market capitalization and a marquee technology firm perched at No. 1? This sounds like a description of the current US stock market, dominated by Apple and the other FAANG stocks,1 but it is actually a reference to 1967, when IBM represented Read More

Under the Macroscope: When Stocks and the Economy Diverge

Do you find it puzzling when a bleak economic report emerges from the press, only to be accompanied by a positive surge in the stock market? You’re not alone. The last few weeks have produced many examples of a stark contrast between stock market performance and economic indicators. So why the apparent disconnect? Markets are Read More

How To Build Wealth in Bear Markets

Abrupt and cascading market sell-offs are uncomfortable even for the most seasoned long-term investors. The continuing tragic loss of life and expected economic fallout from COVID-19 has reminded us all there are only certain things in life in our control; which, incidentally, are the same things we could control before the pandemic and at no Read More

Flat Fee Pricing Highlights Dreams, Not Decimals

Finances are complicated enough. Pricing financial advice shouldn’t be.  Should you pay more for financial advice simply because you have been more financially successful or been more diligent in saving for your future? Does a car salesperson ask you your income before giving you his or her best price? No, they do not nor do Read More

Addressing COVID-19

At Columbus Street, we approach financial planning from a client-first perspective. It’s my fiduciary role to put your needs first while providing the transparency you expect from a certified financial planner. Part of providing informed financial planning for our clients is that we do what we can to keep you informed. With widespread concern around Read More

10 Attributes of Great Financial Advisors

Not all financial advisors are created equal. Here are 10 qualities that all investors should expect. These attributes are the cornerstone of how Columbus Street Financial Planning creates long-lasting client relationships:   1. Purposeful: They have a clear mission to serve clients and help them reach their goals. Great advisors want to do great work Read More

The Mission of Columbus Street Financial Planning

Columbus Street Financial Planning is founded on the belief that the best financial and investment planning is delivered by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who provides objective and transparent advice as a fiduciary.  Columbus Street’s open architecture service model creates an opportunity for all individuals and families with varying levels of complexity to work with us. Read More