Do we meet in person?

No. Our client experience is not defined by location. Many of our local clients enjoy the time-saving experience of meeting virtually.

How How do I get started?

Simply follow this link to call, email, or schedule a time to chat that's convenient for you.

Do I have to compensate you for an initial conversation?

Absolutely not. Discovery Meeting conversations are complimentary.

Why hire a CFP® professional versus a DIY approach?

Great question. A recent Vanguard study suggests an advisor can add value through relationship-oriented services such as financial planning and behavioral coaching. Humans have built-in behavioral biases that can lead to financial mistakes. The study suggests a good advisor can add as much as 3% of increased investment returns through behavioral coaching and other factors such tax reduction, mitigating your overall risk of financial loss, and portfolio asset location and periodic rebalancing between asset classes.

CFP® professionals represent a high level of competency, ethics and professionalism. Many advisors hold themselves out as a "financial planner;" however, only those who have fulfilled the certification requirements of the CFP Board can display the certification marks. See more at: CFP Board

Why is Columbus Street's flat fee better for me versus firms who charge based on assets?

The asset under management (AUM) model fails to address variances of client complexity and time required by the advisor. Two clients with identical wealth can often need two extremely different levels of wealth management services. We believe advisors should be compensated for their time, not on the amount of your assets. Why should you pay more simply because of your portfolio size? Columbus Street's flat fee model eliminates the excessive cost and inefficiency of the AUM model.

Does Columbus Street have to manage my assets?

No. We do not require asset management as part of our other services. We will provide you an objective assessment of your current portfolio and show you how you can reduce your portfolio expenses and keep more of your nest egg working for you.

Do you recommend individual securities?

No. We believe in a broadly diversified global portfolio approach made up of low-cost mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). We always recommend keeping single stock exposure within your ability and preference to sustain additional investment risk.

If I engage you for Financial Planning, do I have to subscribe to ongoing Wealth Management services as well?

No. We realize some clients do not wish to have an ongoing relationship with an advisor. However, personal and financial complexity is always evolving. Ongoing planning catches problems while they are still small.

Can I benefit from Wealth Management if I am already retired?

Yes. Goals evolve throughout every stage of life. We will help you determine your ability to maintain your lifestyle and assist you with your estate, gifting and philanthropic goals.

Do you work with clients outside of Ohio?

Yes. We can work with clients all over the country.

Does Columbus Street prepare tax returns?

No. We will, however, maintain a proactive relationship with your tax professional for Wealth Management clients.

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