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An obligation and passion to place your interests above all else. Wouldn't you like to work with a financial advisor that puts your interests ahead of theirs?

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Columbus Street is not owned by a bank, insurance company, or brokerage firm. The only person we answer to is you!

As parents, we want the best for our children as they continue their educational journey from high school to college. The reality is student loan debt has increased 510% over the last decade and is financially crippling American families. The result is college-bound students and their parents not only need the necessary tools to assist them in selecting the best college for their child’s future career but also in creating a roadmap to graduating on time and with manageable student loan debt.

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We are passionate about delivering customized strategies for saving on college. Our three-step process empowers families, assists in relieving some of the emotion from the college buying decision, and provides transparency in the college selection process.

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Your financial plan is the cornerstone of your financial awareness and empowerment to make informed financial decisions.  Our multi-meeting process will uncover and prioritize your goals, and create a roadmap designed to maximize you and your family’s potential for achieving your goals.

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We also provide customized recommendations in other areas of financial planning such as savings strategies, education funding, tax planning, retirement planning, insurance needs assessment and estate planning.

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We believe in a collaborative investment process beginning and ending with you. Your portfolio should not only be connected to your financial planning but also to your personal goals, values, and what’s important to your family. Whether you desire a low-cost passive index approach, or a socially responsible (SRI) and environmental social governance (ESG) tilt, we will build your globally diversified portfolio based on your philosophy.

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Evidence-based portfolios constructed through decades of academic research by Nobel Laureates are low-cost, diversified across the globe, and aim to capture market returns through the use of ETFs, index funds, and other broad market mutual funds.  Your globally diversified portfolio is tailored to your preference and willingness to tolerate investment risk to give you the highest probability in meeting your goals.

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Designed for individuals and families seeking an ongoing, proactive, and personalized financial planning experience that removes the financial complexity of daily life. Our ongoing client relationships go far beyond investments by delving into their values, goals, and long term well-being.  We help you stay accountable to your short and long-term goals thus increasing your odds of achieving success.

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Ongoing financial planning catches problems while they are small and manageable.  Our proactive planning approach covers all facets of personal finance and evolves with you and your family’s needs while creating a reasonable expectation about your ability to achieve your preferred lifestyle.

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Columbus Street Financial Planning is driven by the belief that the best financial and investment planning advice is delivered objectively by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who is independent, a true fiduciary, and through a transparent, fee-only compensation model. Columbus Street’s open architecture service model creates an opportunity for all individuals and families with varying levels of complexity to work with us.

Shawn Ballinger, CFP® is a fee-only financial planner helping families prepare for the cost of college and plan for retirement. We help clients achieve their financial goals and live life on their own terms.  Columbus Street Financial Planning is located in Columbus, OH and serves clients throughout central Ohio and across the country.