approach financial planning differently


We do not accept commissions of any kind and never will. Nor do we receive compensation from any source other than the clients we partner with.


An obligation and passion to place your interests above all else. Wouldn’t you like to work with a financial advisor that puts your interests ahead of theirs?

Flat Fee

No products. No guesswork. No conflicts. We offer complete transparency in every service so you can focus on dreams, not decimals.


Columbus Street is not owned by a bank, insurance company, or brokerage firm. The only person we answer to is you!

Our Process

Learn more about our process at Columbus Street Financial Planning. We are here to help you set up a successful roadmap.

1. Discovery

Through the data gathering process, we will begin to assess and understand your qualitative and quantitative circumstances. Inventorying, gathering and organizing all of your pertinent information will begin to provide you the immediate feeling that you are in control.

2. Goal Identification

Your goals are unique to you. We'll help you define your short and long-term goals and prioritize them. We will also discuss and understand any trade-offs you may be willing to make to reach your goals.

3. Analysis

Whether you are on track to achieve your goals or need to make adjustments, your planning analysis and our observations will let you know where you stand and any alternative measures you should consider to increase the probability of reaching your goals.

4. Recommendatiions

Together with you, we will assess and determine the best course of action based on your planning analysis and ability to reach or maintain your current goals.

5. Implementations

We will provide you with a clearly defined list of action items necessary in implementing modifications to your savings and budgeting, taxes, insurance coverages, estate documents, and investments.

6. Collaboration

We will collaborate with your other professional advisors to implement and make necessary changes to all facets of your financial life.

7. Monitoring

Life changes unexpectedly. We will assist you in monitoring and updating along the way to ensure you're on track to meet your goals.

About Columbus Street Financial Planning and Shawn Ballinger

Columbus Street Financial Planning is driven by the belief that the best financial and investment planning advice is delivered objectively by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who is independent, a true fiduciary, and through a transparent, fee-only compensation model. 

Columbus Street’s open architecture service model creates an opportunity for all individuals and families with varying levels of complexity to work with us.