Financial Partner

Designed for individuals and families seeking a proactive and personalized financial planning experience that removes the financial complexity of daily life.  Our relationships with our clients go far beyond investments by delving into their values, goals, and long term well-being.

Through our periodic and on-demand meeting process, we provide detailed recommendations supported through rigorous analysis in all areas of financial planning.  These areas include the following: creation of a personal financial statement, cash flow and budgeting, credit monitoring, employee benefits optimization, investment management, tax planning strategies, student loan debt management, college planning and funding, all areas of insurance planning, retirement income, Social Security maximization, and estate planning.

You’ve got questions, we have answers!

- Will we be able to maintain our current lifestyle in retirement?

- Am I being realistic about the cost of college education?

- Do I need to maintain life insurance indefinitely?

- How much cash should I maintain versus keeping exposure to the markets?

- What happens in the event my spouse predeceases me prematurely?

- Is long-term care insurance something I should consider?

- How much can I give to my children, grandchildren, or charity?

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Use the following Financial Partner relationship examples are a guide to see what a similar cost structure might be for your situation:

YP Icon@3x

Young Professionals

-Income of $100k - $200k/year
-Student loan debt
-No children
-Employer retirement plan assets only
Start-Up Financial Plan - $1,000

Family Icon@3x

Family of Four

-Income of $200k - $300k/year
-2 children w/ college aspirations
-College Funding goals
-Employee benefit considerations
-Insurance coverage needs analysis
-$100k in manageable IRA assets
On-Track Financial Plan - $2,000

Retirees Icon@3x


-Drawing a pension and/or Social Security
-Income tax optimization and reduction
-Estate planning
-Trust planning considerations
-Wealth transfer goals
-Charitable and gifting considerations
-$1.5MM of manageable retirement assets
*Legacy Financial Plan - $2,500

Annual Partnership price range of $1,000-$2,000, paid monthly or quarterly

Annual Partnership price range of $2,500 -$3,000 annually, paid monthly or quarterly

Investment Management price of $12,000 annually, paid quarterly in advance
*Partnership and Plan prices waived if CSFP manages assets