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Take control of your finances.

Gain a deeper understanding of your finances and how to navigate important decisions.

Designed for individuals and families seeking to take a proactive financial planning approach to tackle future decisions with confidence and clarity.

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Our 10 part planning series helps you build a solid foundation for successful financial planning.

All the most important planning fundamentals and tips, straight to your inbox! From risk management to retirement to market volatility, we’ll cover all the fundamentals you need to understand for a bright financial future.

Use these building blocks to create a customized plan that helps you make informed financial and lifestyle decisions that align with your personal values and goals. 

Topics Covered:

  • Setting financial goals.
  • Behavioral bias.
  • What to do in a down market.
  • Insurance (Life, Health, Long-Term Care, and Property & Casualty).
  • Retirement, Pension, and Social Security planning.
  • Tax planning and retirement savings strategies.
  • Estate planning and leaving a legacy.
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At Columbus Street Financial Planning, our primary goal when we first start working with individuals and families is to immediately begin laying the foundation of their financial plan. We do this by clarifying their goals and values and build a strategy to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Whether you’re just starting your career, have a growing family, or thinking about refocusing your time, energy, and talents, we can help anyone in anyone at any stage of life.

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My goal is to empower clients to think critically about building a financial plan that helps them align their goals with their wealth management. 

Shawn Ballinger, CFP®
Founder & Wealth Manger 

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