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We all want the best for our children.  Who doesn’t?  For college-bound students and their parents, the pressure and anxiety around selecting a college right for them can be overwhelming.  Coupled with the reality college tuition has increased over the last twenty years at twice the rate of inflation, the result is students and their families need to the tools to make an informed decision that won’t saddle them with unmanageable student loan debt.

CSFP’s proactive college planning process will guide parents and students through a three-step process that will allow the family to make an informed college buying decision based on the child’s career goals.

Our three-step process provides parents with the awareness and tools necessary to give their children the best chance to graduate on-time and with manageable student loan debt.

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The College Prep Course is focused on the college-bound student’s educational aspirations and the family’s ability to fund college for their child.  Due to the financial information being disclosed and the emotion involved in the college buying decision, meetings on this topic are best structured with parents only.

Our process will provide parents with the awareness and tools necessary to give their student the best chance to graduate on time and with manageable student loan debt.

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The price of this three-step discovery and analysis process is $500 and provides access to an abundance of resources and a customized plan, which takes place during a 90-minute session.


Determine personal resources available (529, grandparent help, cashflow, etc.)


Establish Maximum Student Loan Total Loans < 1st Year Starting Salary


Shop for schools within your budget Net Cost after aid (need and/or merit)

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Starting to save for your children's or grandchildren's education later may prevent you from meeting your goals or make meeting the goals more costly.

Starting to Save Earlier Can Reap Benefits

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